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US Powerboating Basic Powerboat & Cruising Certification

Powerboat Certification

Powerboat Certification

With coaching from a powerboat expert you will learn to operate a 29 – 40’ twinscrew powerboat with confidence and safe command in light to moderate conditions. The course allows time for both hands-on instruction and theory to help build seamanship knowledge and practical boat handling skills. Course topics include boat systems, engine and helm controls, docking and close-quarter maneuvering, boat control in open water, anchoring, emergency procedures, VHF radio operation, charts and aids to navigation. Course materials will be mailed to students ahead of time to allow you ample time to prepare for your class.

  • Prerequisite
  • Book
    • Start Powerboating Right

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US Powerboating Inshore Power Cruising Certification and Night Operation Endorsement

Learn passage making, piloting and night operation aboard our Bertram 46 “Lucky Pirate”

This course focuses on the skills, knowledge and equipment needed for a successful coastal passage by day and night. You will learn how to safely operate a cruising powerboat and prepare for a multi-day cruise in unfamiliar waters.   A night time return passage from Catalina is part of this course along with boat handling skills, navigation, docking, anchoring and crew overboard.

Day one will be spent preparing for a trip to Catalina including voyage planning, check lists, setting waypoints and reviewing safety procedures, checking engines and systems.

On day two you will depart Newport Beach for Catalina at 9:00 am. Students will operate OCC’s Bertram 46 Lucky Pirate to Catalina, returning by 9:00 pm. In between, you will be busy getting hands on experience in piloting, electronics, radar operation, rules of the road, and safety procedures. Students will rotate through all positions on board, to allow for maximum of hands on learning.

Once at Catalina, you’ll cruise the Island and be introduced to a variety of anchorages with boat and crew practicing anchoring and mooring along the way. This is an ideal course for learning all about cruising to and around Catalina.

Bring a lunch each day.

To obtain a US POWERBOATING Inshore Power Cruising Certification and Night Operation Endorsement students must register for this course and the certification segment. A passing grade on the written and the practical test is required for final certification.

  • Prerequisites:
    • Ability to swim 50 yards
    •  Basic Powerboat Cruising Certification
    • Coastal Navigation 1 strongly recommended for all students

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