Lido 14

Lido 14

Our sailboat rental fleet consists of Lido 14 dinghies, 30’ Shields sloops and 20’ Harbor 20 keelboats. The rental fleet is available to current members of the OCC Sailing Association who have solid intermediate sailing skills and have successfully completed and passed both the written test and the on-the-water practical test.

A fee applies for the practical test and separate testing is required for each fleet of boats. The rental fleet is available by reservation or on an “as available” basis with priority given to scheduled classes.

Recertification is required for those who have not sailed with us in the past 12 months. No exceptions.

Rental Fees:

 Boat   Half -day
(up to 4 hours)
 (4 to 8 hours)
 Evening Sail (May 1 – Aug 15)
5:00pm to Sunset
 Lido 14  $55   $90  $40
 Shields $75    $110   $50 
 Harbor 20  $75   $110   $50 






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