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Nordic Star
Nordic Star

After almost three years of hard work, our 92-foot flagship Nordic Star is a US Coast Guard certified vessel. This means she is approved to take passengers on a cruise around Newport Harbor or to Catalina. Nordic Star was donated to OCC by the Jerrel Barto family for the purpose of providing training for students in OCC’s Professional Mariner Program. Since OCC students pay tuition, the Coast Guard considers students passengers, which required Nordic Star to go through the certification process. Designed by well-known naval architect Jack Hargrave, Nordic Star was launched in 1970 and has been in Newport Beach ever since. This classic yacht is ideal for giving students hands-on experience in bridge operations, deck work, and engine room maintenance and repair. She is also beautifully styled inside and out as a fine yacht making her a unique vessel in the local charter market.

When Nordic Star is not scheduled as a school vessel, she will be available for charter. Up to 50 guests are allowed for harbor cruises and up to eight guests for weekend trips to Catalina. Our Professional Mariner students will help run Nordic Star during charter cruises, giving them additional underway experience. Income from charter work will offset Nordic Star’s annual operating costs. Expenses related to Nordic Star’s refit project were 100% paid through gifts and grants to the OCC Marine Program through the OCC Foundation. Nordic Star is operated by Nordic Star Cruises, which is owned by the OCC Foundation. For more information contact our office 949.645.9412