Nautical Library

On-Site Nautical Research Library
On-Site Nautical Research Library

The School of Sailing and Seamanship has a great Nautical Research library. It’s stocked with lots of great marine reference books and charts to enhance your nautical knowledge. Stop by and browse through the collection. Or, if you are looking for a cool, quiet place to study, there are plenty of tables open for you.

Use this link to search our collection online 24/7

Gifts of books, both new and used, have been donated by students and local residents and comprise most of the library’s collection. Although we’ve received hundreds of books, we still need more.

Can you help with your used books? All titles relating to sailing, seamanship, and navigation are needed. Charts, guides, and videos are also welcome. If you would like to purchase a book as a gift, please ask to see our wish list of volumes. Your name will be inscribed in the book’s donor plate. Your gifts are tax deductible. And best of all, if you want to visit your book (or a few thousand others) you will always be welcome in the library which will be open seven days a week.