Lido 14

Lido 14
Lido 14

We have a fleet of Lido 14s which we use for the Beginning Sailing and Intermediate Lido classes as well as a youth sailing camps .

The first Lido 14 dinghy was built by the W.D. Schock Corporation in 1958 to satisfy the demands of Newport Bay sailors for a fast, fun and relatively stable dinghy. There are now over 5,000 Lidos sailing throughout North and central America. Many of them—like ours—are used in instructional programs, others for racing and daysailing.

As a centerboard dinghy, the Lido 14 differs from a keelboat (such as the Shields sloop) in a very basic way: The Lido is kept from sliding sideways by a removable centerboard, rather than by a fixed, weighted keel. If overpowered by the wind or mishandled by the crew, a dinghy can capsize.

Some people don’t like the instability or small size of a dinghy, and are eager to move on to the bigger keelboats. Others love the Lido’s sensitivity and immediacy, and come back for dinghy classes even after they’ve sailed ocean racers.

Even if keelboats seem tempting to you, plan on taking at least two Lido classes before moving on to the Shields. Dinghy sailing is the best way to get the basics down pat, and will give you a sensitivity to the wind—and to the dynamics of sailboats—which will make you a far better big boat sailor.


Lido 14
Lido 14

Layout & Specifications

  • LOA: 14′
  • Beam: 6′
  • Draft (Centerboard Raised): 5″
  • Draft (Centerboard Lowered): 4’3″
  • Weight (Fully Rigged): 310 lbs
  • Main Sail Area: 76 sq. ft.
  • Jib Sail Area: 35 sq. ft.
  • Seating Area: 4+ Adults
  • Safety Gear: All USCG required safety gear