Radar Observer Unlimited

 We offer the United States Coast Guard-approved Unlimited Radar Observer Course as well as USCG-approved renewal of that certication.


Radar Observer Unlimited – 5 Days

This five day course is strongly recommended for all levels of crew standing watch, and is required for officers on radar equipped vessels. The objectives of this course are to train candidates in the proper setup and use of RADAR for risk assessment, navigation and collision avoidance. Fundamentals of radar theory and equipment, rules of the road, and radar navigation are covered. Utilizing TRANSAS 5000 Simulators candidates will operate their own vessel and Radar with landmasses, environmental effects and target vessel returns.

This program has been written to provide mariners with the knowledge, skills and abilities to operate radar in accordance with the objectives stated in 46 CRR, Part 10.305(1); STCW Code Tables A-II/1 for the OICNW Control Sheet Assessments as outlined in NMC Policy Letters 01-02 and 04-02. Successful completion of this course will qualify candidates for Unlimited Radar Endorsements to their license.

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Radar Observer Refresher – 3 Days

This course is designed for the mariner that needs to renew his or her license and desires a thorough refresher of Radar Plotting techniques. A Radar renewal or refresher is required every five years for all deck officers wishing to renew their Radar endorsement on their license. This course utilizes the same equipment and assessments as the five day course and satisfies all of the same requirements per 46 CFR, Par 10.305(1).

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Radar Observer Renewal – 1 Day

As required for renewal of the Radar endorsement every five years this course is designed for the mariner looking for assessments only, without instruction. Successful completion will qualify the mariner for the unlimited endorsement for their license.

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