Lido 14
Lido 14

Our sailboat rental fleet consists of Lido 14 dinghies and 20’ Harbor 20 keelboats.

To enjoy access to our rental fleet at great rates you must:

  • Be a current member of the OCC Sailing Association
  • Know how to sail and have knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Pass two written tests – boat/sailing knowledge test and rules test (Rental check-out information, membership agreement, rental agreement and the ABC’s of California Boating, should be provided ahead of time for review)
  • Schedule on-the-water skills assessment (A passing grade on the written test is required prior to scheduling the practical test.)
    • The assessment is our chance to see that  you have sufficient skills to sail the boat safely and appropriately in the conditions, as well as to familiarize you with our boats, rental process and rules, and the sailing area.

Our rental check-out process assumes you have sailed with us before either in a class or in a private lesson, and we also assume you have sailed on the boat you are getting checked out to rent.

If you have not sailed with us before you must pass the written test and register for a 3-hour on-the-water skills assessment which will include an orientation to our facility, docks, boats and best launching/landing practices.

Rental Policies:

The rental fleet is available by reservation or on an “as available” basis with priority given to scheduled classes. We are a self-service rental facility and when you rent a sailboat you are required to launch, rig, de-rig and clean up your boat. 

  • No animals or alcohol allowed on the boats
  • Commercial activity is prohibited on rental equipment
  • Lido 14s and Harbor 20s require at lest two passengers able to participate in operating the boat.

An on-the-water review with an instructor is required for those who have not sailed with us in the past 12 months. No exceptions.

2023 Certification & Fees:

OCC SA Lido 14 Skipper Certification  
Current students – 2-hour practical* $165
New students – 3-hour intro and practical* $220
OCC SA Harbor 20 Skipper Certification**  
Current students – 2-hour practical* $185
New students – 3-hour intro and practical* $240
Lido 14 or Harbor 20 Re-Certification  
(if you have not rented from us in the last 12 mo) – 1-hour review $75

* Candidates must pass the written test prior to scheduling the on-the-water practical.
** The practical assessment for Harbor 20 rental can also be accomplished by taking the Harbor 20 Level 2 Extra Class.

2023 Rental Rates:


Half -day
(up to 4 hours)

(4 to 8 hours)

Weekday Evening Sail
(May 1 – Aug 31)
5:00pm to Sunset

 Lido 14  $65  $95 $45
 Harbor 20  $95 $135 $70