USCG-Approved Courses

US Coast Guard Approved Courses
USCG Licensing Exam Course

Marine career advancement education and professional workforce development courses have been part of the OCC Waterfront Campus cirriculum since the opening of the center. The career advancement program includes US Coast Guard approved courses to further professional mariners working towards:

  • Upgrading or renewing licensing requirements
  • Preparing for USCG assessments
  • Learning skills needed to advance careers

Where do I start?

The first course for anyone looking to work aboard a commercial vessel is the Basic Safety Training Course. This certification is required for all mariners working outside the boundary line, and is a prerequisite for other STCW courses. Once a student starts to gather sea time they can take other entry level certifications. 

What Are Your Goals?

Become a Charter Boat Captain

Our Seamanship and Exam Prep Classes as well as a list of other requirements for a Captain’s License.

Get an Associates Degree or Certificate

Earn 6o days of sea time toward your merchant mariner credential.

Start a Maritime Career

Begin your career by taking an entry level STCW certification class.

Add Endorsements to Your License

Our USCG-certified instructors are ready to help you upgrade your credentials.