Basic Cruising

Basic Cruising
Basic Crusing aboard Betty

Basic cruising is for students ready to take their sailing skills to the next level on mid-sized cruising boats. Taught aboard our Catalina 42, Betty, students will be introduced to inboard powered, wheel steered sailboats, and build confidence in handling a mid-size auxiliary sailboat under power and sail. Specific topics include handling a mid-size auxiliary sailboat under power. Boat systems including engine, electrical, bilge and MSD (head) systems. Sailing a mid-size auxiliary sailboat, heavy weather techniques, anchoring, sailing emergencies, basic navigation and medical emergencies at sea. Larger sails and gear impose large loads and require careful handling. Sailors will gain these competencies while reviewing basic sailing operations and drills.

Basic Cruising comprises a two-part class. Students who successfully complete the Basic Cruising course earn a US SAILING Basic Cruising certification.


Basic Cruising 1

 This course is for students with intermediate sailing skills, but little or no experience running a mid-sized auxiliary cruising boat. Basic systems will be examined including water, electrical and engine systems. Practical skills such as docking, maneuvering under power and sail, managing heel, reefing and crew overboard are taught. Bring a lunch.

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    • Basic Cruising
  • Successful completion prepares you for:
    • Basic Cruising 2
    • US Sailing Basic Cruising Certification

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Basic Cruising 2

This course builds on skills learned in Basic Cruising I and introduces additional skills  including advanced sail theory, float plan, safety equipment, emergency tiller, medical emergencies, sailing emergencies, anchoring, marine weather, basic navigation and heavy weather techniques to prepare the sailor for safe local cruising. Bring a lunch.

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US Sailing Basic Cruising Certification

The next step in the US SAILING Keelboat Certification Series this course is for students who have passed the Basic Keelboat Certification and completed Basic Cruising 1. This jam packed class will prepare you to skipper a cruising sailboat in more challenging conditions and on longer day sails. Course topics include advanced sailing theory, reefing, heavy weather techniques, anchoring, sailing in close quarters, handling emergencies, some navigation and more. Completion of this course prepares you for sail training trips to Catalina, the Northern Channel Islands and the Bareboat Certification.

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