Summer Camp Forms & Information

Welcome to Summer Sailing Camp!  

We look forward to sharing our love of sailing and the marine environment with your young sailor as we create summer memories.

Please review your original course confirmation for class location and start/end time and take a moment to read through the information provided below.  You will find information on what to wear, how to check in/out and there are several forms you must fill out and provide via email or send with your child on the first day of class.

Sailing with us is a team effort – all we ask is that you come to camp ready to be a part of it all – both the fun and the work. The effort of all participants is required to insure a safe environment for everyone. Our instructors will do everything they can to provide you with a camp full of learning, fun and great adventure.



  • Participation and Medical Treatment Forms are REQUIRED
    Each sailor must have a signed “Voluntary Activities Participation (VAP) Form” and “Authorization for Medical Treatment Form” on file with The School Office to be able to participate in on-the-water activities. 
  • Youth Self Check-in/Check-out Form                                                  
    This form is required if your child will be signing him/herself in and out of camp, or if someone other than a custodial parent or legal guardian will drop off/pick-up your child to let us know your child has your permission to come to camp and leave without a parent/guardian present. 

    Voluntary Activities Participation (VAP) Form Jr-Camp-VAP-Form-OCC-Sailing-Center
    Authorization for Medical Treatment Form” 2023-JR-Med-Emergency-Info-Form
    Youth Self Check-in/Check-out Form

    2023 Youth-Class-Self-Sign_In-Out Form

    Completed and signed form can be submitted via email to  by 4 pm the Friday before the start of your child’s camp, or in-person by a parent/adult guardian on the first day of class. We must receive all forms prior to your child arriving for class without an adult present.

Note about forms for students attending multiple weeks of camp

  • A new VAP form is required for each week of camp.
  • The Medical form is valid for the summer unless you need to make changes.
  • A new Check-in/Checkout Form is required for each week of camp if applicable

 A swim test will be given on the first day of all Level 1 sessions and for all students new to our program each week regardless of class level. Bring a towel and change of clothes. Having your child already dressed for the swim test when they arrive for class makes this part of the day go much faster.


  • It can be cool on the water any time of day, so bring a sweatshirt.
  • Bring a towel and an extra set of clothes each day. Be sure to label everything.
  • Apply sunscreen before arriving at camp – even on a cloudy morning.
  • Send your child with a snack, and a bottle or water daily.